Post Show Report Mir Stekla 2017

16 / 06 / 2017

Mir Stekla 2017
19th International Exhibition for Glass Products, Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing Technology

Mir Stekla is a key event in the glass industry of Russia. Mir Stekla once again has confirmed its status as a major trade show which demonstrates fresh ideas and cutting-edge technologies in the glass industry in Russia and abroad. The show was highly evaluated by the glass industry leaders and professionals. Mir Stekla 2017 combined high tech industrial production and artistic skills. The participants reached their objectives, provided companies with new orders, and made lucrative contracts.

Dates: 5-8 June 2017
Venue: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow
Organized by Expocentre AO
Supported by Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade
Auspices of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Logos: UFI, RUEF

Exhibition area: 11,500 sq m
Exhibitors: 197 companies
Foreign exhibitors included Glaston, TIAMA, Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH, Hegla GmbH, RHI Glass GmbH, Bystronic Glass, Heye International GmbH, Horn Glass Industries AG, Bottero S.P.A., Intermac, Biesse, Dip-Tech, Emhart Glass, Bavelloni, BDF Industries S.P.A., Pneumofore, Mountain Glass Technology Co., LTD., Landglass Technology Co. LTD., Lahti Precision, Sklostroj Turnov CZ s.r.o., Saint Gobain Sefpro, MCO, Vertech, Motim Kadko KFT, Nikolaus Sorg, Stara Glass S.P.A., Domanovo Production and Trade Plant, Glasscommerce, etc.
Russian exhibitors (70+) included Borovichi Refractories Plant, Vremena Goda, Greenspacer, Salavatsteklo, Saratovstroysteklo, Caspian Flat Glass, Karat, Irbis Projects, Steklopack, Saratov Glass Institute, Steklo-Gaz, Steklo-Lux, Palina Coatings, Rusceramica, RZM TIC, Polema, etc.
Newcomers: 23 companies
Attendance: 8,000 visitors
Countries: 20
Types of products on display: modern technology for glass production and processing, equipment and tools for the glass industry, art and decorative glass, stained glass, testing and measuring equipment, software, R&D

Show Highlights

  • ArtGlass Salon participants were well-known craftsmen making stained glass, lamps, vases, glassware, and glass jewelry. They put on display their products and demonstrated different art glass techniques.
  • Participants from Russia, China and other countries showcased new products, solutions and technologies at the trade show. The Novelties section was launched on the Mir Stekla official website. Here participating companies presented their products to show them later at Mir Stekla 2017.

Associated Events

  • 3rd Intellectual game “Young talents of the construction industry” for young architects and designers organized by Russian online journal. The game was devoted to application of translucent structures in architecture and called Arch BATTLE. The sponsor of the game was Pilkington Glass, one of the largest manufacturers of construction glass in Russia. It has recently extended a line of architectural glass at Mir Stekla 2017 and showcased young architects, jury and visitors a wide range of effective solutions for future architectural projects.
  • Russian Conference “World of Glass 2017" organized by Expocentre featured two sections: Production. Processing. Consumption and Windows. Doors. Facades. The reports were made by representatives of such as companies as Binder+Co, Stanki Mira, Interregional Institute of Window St. Petersburg, Preumofore S.p.A., VVS, Vertech, Yta, RZD Logistics, Ayrox Oy, Sparklike Oy, and others. The participants discussed the most relevant industry issues such as production of recyclable materials of glass waste for modern glass industry of Russia; efficient technologies of glass decoration in architectural façade glazing; optimization of transportation expenses of glass enterprises; application of tempered glass as cladding; nondestructive control of gas filling of double glazing, etc.
  • Conference on Improving Fire-Resistance of Translucent Structures organized by Proffilling
  • Presentation on Software for Production of Glass Containers
  • Presentation on Analysis of the Marketing Situation on the Russian Glass Market



“Over many years this relevant trade show has presented a full range of technologies, tools and equipment for glass making, storage and transportation as well as its application in various fields. Mir Stekla greatly contributes to the development of this high-tech industry and promotes sharing experience and international cooperation.”
Gleb Nikitin, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

“Mir Stekla 2017 is an important trade show held at Expocentre Fairgrounds. The exhibition allows not only demonstrating the industry accomplishments but also enables the participants to network with potential investors and partners thus developing cooperation ties. The show created great impression and featured a wide range of new equipment. Russian companies were widely presented along with foreign companies. Trade shows such as Mir Stekla serve as a link between manufacturers, investors and customers.”
Dmitry Kurochkin, Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“For over 20 years the trade show has been an important event which brings together leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of various types of glass products. It demonstrates the full range of technologies, tools and equipment for production, processing, storage and transportation of glass.”
Yuriy Neyolov, Chairman of the Russian Council of the Federation Committee on
Economic Policy

Mir Stekla in social networks (Russian only)

The next 20th anniversary edition of Mir Stekla is to run from May 28 through 31, 2018 at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

Expocentre Press Service