How to become an exhibitor?

Fill out the online application form and our manager will contact you, who will oversee all issues related to your company's participation in the exhibition.
Read the procedure for participation. All the necessary documents and forms, including the Exhibitor Manual, can be found in the "Application forms" section.

For your convenience, use your Personal account.

Procedure for participation

In order to register for participation in the exhibition, the exhibitor shall submit Expocentre AO an application. Receipt of applications starts one year and ends, as a rule, four months before the exhibition.

The rental cost shall be calculated taking into account the status of every exhibition, configuration and location of stands in the pavilions. You can find out the rental cost after filling in the online application.

Exhibitor package

The exhibitor package includes:

  • stand lighting within the limits of 100 Watt of installed capacity and 220V per 1 sq m of the rented space;
  • passes for stand builders and vehicles for the mounting/dismantling period (only for freight handling);
  • exhibitor pass;
  • complimentary tickets to exhibitors guests;
  • publication of information about the exhibitor in the Official Exhibition Catalogue and providing one free copy of the Catalogue;
  • using online system for meetings organisation (MathMaking);
  • opportunity to send e-tickets to the exhibition for customers and partners;
  • participation in the seminar Effective participation in trade shows (in Russian only)

When all terms of participation are settled, Expocentre AO and the exhibitor shall conclude a contract for participation in the exhibition, usually not later than 90 days before the mounting of the exhibition. The General Terms of Participation with its enclosures, amendments and supplements shall be an integral part of the contract.

It is allowed to arrange group stands.

For urgent settlement of arising questions and problems, it shall be permitted during the preparation and running of the exhibition to conclude contracts and exchange documents between Expocentre AO and the exhibitor by fax and e-mail providing the originals are sent later.

The exhibitor shall pay an obligatory registration fee, amount of which is set by Expocentre AO for each exhibition. The fee covers expenses on the organisation and publicity campaign of the exhibition.

If the exhibitor withdraws from the exhibition, the registration fee shall not be reimbursed.

The closing documents are issued on the last day of the exhibition in the Exhibition Management Office. During the first two weeks the documents are kept by the managers of the Exhibition Management Office, after that they are submitted to the Economic Department. Each exhibition has its own economist (see Exhibitor Manual).

To receive closing documents (invoice, certificate of acceptance of the rendered services and leased space, contract), your companys representative shall sign the certificate of acceptance of the rendered services and leased space in the Exhibition Management Office during the mounting period.

The representative shall have the Power of Attorney (D.01) granting the authority to sign the certificate of acceptance and two original copies of the Contract and engineering schemes if they were not provided before.

In case the Power of Attorney D.01 is not provided, your companys representative shall collect the certificates of acceptance to have them signed by the companys top executive and return them to the Exhibition Management Office. Then the Exhibition management will issue the closing financial documents.