Welcome to the WORLD OF GLASS!

Expocentre, ZAO and the Russian Union of Architects have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the 9th International Exhibition of Glass Products, Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing Technology – MIR STEKLA’2007 (World of Glass)!

Contemporary glass with its remarkable characteristics and application opportunities belongs to advanced construction materials of the new millennium. Russia’s rapidly developing glass market is attracting new participants and is acknowledged to be particularly promising in Europe.

The Russian glass industry comprises approximately 3 000 enterprises including over 500 large and medium-sized companies. In 2005, Russia manufactured about 8 million tones of glass to the value of over 3 billion US dollars. Output volumes of sheet glass and container glassware exceeded 150 million sq m and 10 billion items correspondingly. High demand for flat and container glass is caused by the construction market expansion and food production growth. On top of that, about 20% of flat glass is used in the furniture industry and transport. Glass industry professionals say demand for glassware on the domestic and foreign markets will rise and by 2010 it will exceed twice that of the year 2004.

The development of production still requires further investments. Over the last years 1.5 billion dollars has been invested. At the same time the domestic glass industry costs totaled 1 billion dollars – facing fierce competition, Russian enterprises are increasing their production capacity and improving product quality.

Statistics show that Russia’s glass industry is experiencing considerable growth and its glass market is viewed as one of most profitable national markets.

Manufacturing of glass and glassware is a combination of high technologies and ingenuity. The latest technologies, modern machinery and equipment for glass production are the main thematic subjects of the MIR STEKLA Exhibition. Every year the Exhibition determines the lines of development for the domestic market of equipment and technologies in the glass industry, illustrates a wide variety of glass products and introduces development prospects of modern glass production.

Discover the WORLD OF GLASS!

If you aim at increasing your company’s profits, developing business relationships, joining the glass industry elite, and enhancing your company’s image MIR STEKLA’2007 should become an integral part of your marketing strategy!

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