Dmitry Kurochkin,
Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“Of all the things we’ve seen today, the most impressive one was glass processing equipment. I was glad to see that there are a lot of Russian companies along with foreign ones such as Chinese, Italian and so on. Hopefully, the share of Russian enterprises exhibiting at events like this one will grow.

The competition is very intense in the glass market. It is very important for us not to fall behind in technology. We want to see more advanced production facilities in Russia. That is why exhibitions like this one are so important. They serve as a link between manufacturers, investors and consumers.

The exhibition is so diverse that if you are not a professional you can’t foresee any trends. Only one thing is for sure: the industry growth is strong, and glass is used in more and more fields. Glass products are used in areas where they have never been used before. I am happy to see it because the demand for these products is constantly on the rise.”

Igor Kremer,
Managing Director, Caspian Flat Glass

“Our company is young but it is our third time here. Following the last year’s show, our sales increased more than 10% in comparison to 2015.

Today we once again expect to sign new contracts and establish new ties. Our partners and clients come to our stand. We have talks and make arrangements for our cooperation.

The glass market depends on many external factors. First of all, it is the construction industry. Today there is a trend to manufacture glass with the marginal utility. I’m talking about special types of glass which protect from cold or heat. Besides, the market pays special attention to the quality of products. Our glass satisfies demands of our clients fully.

We will keep participating in Mir Stekla at Expocentre Fairgrounds. We want this show to keep running, developing and attracting more and more participants from all over the world.”

Pavel Lyotov,
CCO, Stroymart

“It’s our first time here. Today is the first day. Even now I understand that it brings good results... It gives an opportunity to talk to every client big ones and small consumers, processors, people who are related to the glass industry one way or the other.

We’ve been in the glass industry for 12 years. That is why we thought that we knew all clients. But the very first day here showed that there were many clients we knew nothing about, didn’t know about their needs and requirements. The exhibition gives a great opportunity to talk to all people we haven’t seen for a long time or previously only talked on the phone. People from all over Russia and neighboring countries come here. Even five minutes are enough to make arrangements for signing of a deal.

We’ve brought many new products, ideas and solutions. We are a professional retailer so we import glass from 15 countries. That is more than 600 different products. This exhibition offers us super opportunities.”