Mir Stekla 2021: experts discussing ecological significance of modern glass materials

22 / 03 / 2021

The Panel on the Modern Glass Materials as a Tool to Adapt to Climate Change and Improve Energy Efficiency of the Russian Economy place on the first day of the Mir Stekla 2021 international exhibition that opened at EXPOCENTRE earlier today. The panel is organised by the Glass Union, the Environmental Industrial Policy Center, and EXPOCENTRE AO. 

According to Deputy Director of the Environmental Industrial Policy Center Policy Tatiana Guseva, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and higher energy efficiency of the economy are acquiring a greater significance in Russia. A broader use of energy-efficient glass in the building industry could be an important way of addressing these issues. Ms Guseva also dwelt on the best available technologies and aspects of the enhancement of resource and ecological effectiveness in the industrial policy.

Stéphane Noël, ecological advisor to Glass for Europe, spoke about the European experience of climate regulations. In his words, high performance flat glass used in construction projects serves as a strategic material for decarbonization and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Experts believe that the climate change also dictates a broader use of modern glass products in the building industry. 

In addition, the participants discussed pre-financial assessment of green projects, hydrocarbon footprint of glass products, and some other topics. 

See the event programme of Mir Stekla 2021 at https://www.mirstekla-expo.ru/en/events/ 

EXPOCENTRE AO, Press Service