In summer 1999 Expocentre with the assistance and participation of the Union of Architects of Russia opened the first international exhibition of the glass industry, "Mir Stekla". With 178 exhibitors from 14 countries participating, the exhibition was very successful and became Russias main forum for the glass industry, in spite of a difficult period for the countrys economy. The key achievement of Mir Stekla exhibitions of early years was to make glass and glass product market in Russia, a bit chaotic before, more organized and coherent.

Catalogue of the first Mir Detstva ExhibitionMoscow Mayor Mr. Yuri M. Luzhkovs greeting

Moscow Perspective newspaper wrote about the first Show:

    One can be sure that no visitor was left unimpressed by the Mir Stekla1999 Exhibition, its exhibits and displays. But its main achievement was that it brought together those who were interested in the development of the Russian glass industry through access to most up to date hardware and software, hi-tech and know-how, revitalizing its local traditions, enhancing competitiveness of Russian Glass and Glassware.

Each Mir Stekla edition brought something new every year with key figures increasing. In 2003 the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced its support for the event, and the Exhibition has been held under its auspices since then. In 2004 the Exhibition was approved by IUEF - International Union of Exhibitions and Fairs and UFI - the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

IUEF sign is awarded for high level of organization and positive role in developing the Russian market. UFI Approved Event sign is given to recognize top quality of an exhibition and its compliance with the highest world standards. It is awarded to an event which meets a set of criteria: effectiveness, demonstration of new achievements and advanced experience in the respective industry around the world, number of visitors including professional/business visitors scored by the show.

In addition, Mir Stekla received official support of the Government of Moscow as a very efficient trade show well representing its respective industry, which adds considerably to the development of the Citys economy and its infrastructure.

In 2005 the number of international participants was greater than that of domestic ones for the first time ever. The proportion is increasing as the Exhibition grows in international recognition. Overseas participants consider it as an effective launching pad to enter the Russian market.

Number of participating companies

ArtGlass, the first international salon for art and decorative glass was held as part of Mir Stekla2006 and became a highlight of the Exhibition. Leaded panes, interior glass decorations, souvenirs, tableware and jewelry attracted a lot of attention from the public and business visitors.

By 2006 Mir Stekla had ranked among the three largest glass industry events in Europe.

Exhibition space 1999-2008 (net, sq.m)

During the events ten-year history, the exhibition area taken up has grown sixfold. New participants appeared from among the glass industry leaders and world-known brands. Italy, Germany, China and Hungary arranged their national displays. The Exhibition attracted more and more attention from the largest and respectful glass industry associations worldwide.

The list of Mir Stekla permanent partners includes the German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers Association (VDMA); the Italian Glass Processing Machinery and Accessory Suppliers Association (GIMAV); the Hungarian Glass Industry Association (MUSz); China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CISC-CCPIT).

A Centre of Science and Education was set up at Mir Stekla for the first time in 2008. The Centre is a specialized display of leading Russian research/scientific and educational institutions. Being the representative of the entire spectrum of entities involved in promoting technical/technological progress and educational programs for training glass industry specialists, the Centre helps develop co-operation between science and the business.

From year to year Mir Stekla attracts more and more professional visitors, many of whom are top managers or responsible decision makers from glass making factories, building or trading organizations and companies.

Number of visitors, 2003-2008

The 10th jubilee Mir Stekla exhibition was held from 9 to 12 June 2008. The third day of its work was marked by a gala award ceremony to honour Mir Stekla long-standing participants.

The organizers were particularly grateful to participants with 10 years participation record. Those were companies that had supported the Project since its launch and included Borsky Glass Factory, Bottero, Vostech, Glassrobots, Gusevsky Glass Factory named after Dzerzhinsky, Intermac, Technical Glass Research Institute, Parkinson-Spencer, Podolsk Refractory Plant, Ritsteklo, Orel Steklomash, Stekloholding, Salavatsteklo, Saratov Institute of Glass, Saratovstroysteklo, Symbol company, Steklostreoy, Tamglass-Bavelonni.

A gala reception devoted to the opening of Mir Stekla2008 took place onboard a riverboat. A boat trip along the Moskva River, picturesque landscapes of Russias capital and an easy-going friendly atmosphere allowed the guests to relax and enjoy the party.

The Russian economy, including the glass industry underwent difficult times in 2009. On the one hand at that time the exhibition Mir Stekla exhibitors had to struggle for ability to hold their positions in the market, but on the other hand the year 2009 showed that the most powerful and stable companies remained at high level of activity and continued developing even in those hard days. Only the strongest people survive, and they constantly choose the Mir Stekla exhibition as a platform to demonstrate their achievements.

Launching a challenge against the crisis state of economy Mir Stekla'2009 was held at a high qualitative level. It was a large-scale event. Over 180 foreign companies-manufacturers participated in the show. Russia was presented by 110 companies. The Exhibition was visited by 8 600 specialists. The total number of guests amounted to 14 000.

Number of professionals visitors, 20052009

The Mir Stekla'2009 Exhibition was held under the slogan "Ways to overcome time of crisis". A record-high attendance of the Hungarian Business Forum was remained in everyone's memory.

Every year Mir Stekla is enriched with new qualitative components and rejoices its visitors with new participants, modern developments and technologies. The 12th edition of the Mir Stekla'2010 exhibition became no exception. To increase participation in the show exhibitors were offered new free services:

  • MatchMaking - an effective system to make business appointments at an exhibition;
  • on-line registration allowing specialists to pass to the Fairgrounds rather quickly;
  • a training seminar 'The Effective Participation in Exhibitions;
  • the Expocentre assistance to participating companies to arrange the address invitation of visitors;
  • layout of the participating companies' news on the exhibition web-sit;
  • the presentation programme arrangement;
  • free wireless Internet access in the Wi-Fi specially dedicated zones.

The Mir Stekla'2010 show audit data was a peculiar evidence of the glass industry's recovery from the recession. As early as 2004, the Russian exhibition community represented by the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) comprising over 70 exhibition organizers from the CIS member countries made a decision on carrying out an official exhibition audit in compliance with international standards.
As a result, such an efficient marketing instrument as the exhibition audit enabled companies to learn detailed information on any exhibition, namely:

  • number of specialists visited the exhibition;
  • number of participating companies;
  • number and list of participating countries;
  • the exhibition space net and gross, etc.

The Exhibition Audit Certificate became a document confirming selection of strong players, openness of the exhibition organizer in respect to his clients, his readiness to do fair and civilized business.

On June6-9, 2011 Mir Stekla'2011, the 13th International Exhibition for Glass Products, Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing Technology took place. It supported the industry post-crisis recovery trend, demonstrated a certain growth of business and investment activities, and confirmed its unique role as the most precision barometer of the market conditions in the glass industry.

Exhibition space 2009-2011 (sq. m, net)

There was another reason owing to which the 2011 became significant for the Exhibition history. This is the Mir Stekla exhibition buyer capabilities audit, carried out for the first time. The buyer potential is determined by an independent auditor under the UFI and RUEF supervision once a year and by the exhibition results. The audit data are recognized by UFI, RUEF and FKM (German Society on Statistics Control) and obtained in compliance with the international rules. The main purpose of this research is to study the exhibition capabilities for its exhibitors and visitors. The findings also allow appreciating the state of affairs in the industry as a whole.

The history of Mir Stekla will continue next year.
See you at the Exhibition on June 13-16, 2012!