The largest event for the glass industry in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe - the Mir Stekla'2011 (World of Glass'2011) International Exhibition for Glass Products, Technologies and Equipment - held on 6 - 9 June 2011 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds was successfully completed. The show was organized as usual by Expocentre and the Russian Union of Architects and held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Moscow City Government. The high status of the event is demonstrated by the awards it has from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF).

The scale and dynamic of its development shows that the Mir Stekla project continues to draw attention and the interest in it is growing.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Honorary President of the Russian Union of Architects Yury Gnedovsky underlined, 'the history of the exhibition reflects the development of the glass industry. The show has turned from a promising event into an industry-leading forum, and its 13-year history shows that the role of glass in architecture keeps evolving.

Glass is an extraordinary material, which allows linking the inner and outer spaces. Not only does it create a striking effect but also has unique characteristics. Today, we have an immense range of glass types for diverse applications', noted Mr. Gnedovsky. 'Glass has become a symbol of modern architecture, while the exhibition, with its large attendance, is evidence of the significance and development of this sector.'

The opening ceremony was also attended by Vice-President of the Russian Union of Architects G. Solopov, the Russian Society of Construction Engineers Board Member O. Lobov and Director of the Department for Construction and Infrastructure Projects of the Builders' Association of Russia I. Dmitriev.

As a one-stop shop for the glass industry, Mir Stekla'2011 presented the whole range of glass products, and modern machinery, equipment and tools for their production.

The Forum Pavilion was again showcasing various products made of glass ranging from automobile glass to stained glass. The visitors were able to view the latest glass products for diverse application fields and to various consumer tastes. The art and decorative glass feature area demonstrated brand new ideas and trends in art and design, in architectural, interior and tableware decoration.

Pavilion No. 1 provided a comprehensive display of glass manufacturing, processing, finishing and decorating technologies and equipment.

The net exhibition space of the event made 5,940 sq. m.

This year saw 250 exhibitors from 25 countries presenting their achievements at the show. Germany and Italy put on display their national pavilions. A large exposition was prepared by the Chinese exhibitors.

Among the exhibitors were renowned companies such as AG, Emhart Glass, Bridgestone, Lisec, Sisecam, Tenax, Bystronic, Dcor Glass and many others. The achievements of the Russian glass industry were put on display by 93 domestic manufacturers, including Steklopak, Salavat-Steklo, Steklotsentr, Adam, Kami Complekt, HFD-House, Glaston, Meran, Ogneupor-Steklo and many others.

Mir Stekla'2011 was attended by nearly 5000 visitors, 96% of whom were industry specialists.

The exhibition saw presentations of new products, innovations and inventions.

The programme of business-related events featured a seminar on the current situation and trends in the Russian glass packaging and flat glass market and a round table discussion New Regulations for the Glass Industry; Their Impact on the Market.

The programme of events was closed with an award ceremony celebrating the winners of Russia's inaugural Glass in Architecture competition with the National Award made to the best implemented project incorporating glass and translucent structures. The competition was run by the Russian Union of Architects and ZAO Expocentre.

33 submissions from Moscow, St Petersburg, Zheleznovodsk and Irkutsk entered the competition, with 13 nominees selected at an early stage.

On 8 June 2011 the inaugural Glass in Architecture Award was made to its winners.

There were 4 first prizes, 4 second and 4 third prizes, a Special Prize from the General Partner the AGC Company, and 3 prizes from the Union of Glass Manufacturers.

The Grand Prize of the competition - the National Award for the Best Implemented Project Incorporating Glass and Translucent Structures - was made to:

the Hermitage Plaza Business Centre designed by architects: Sergei Kisselev (Principal), Vladimir Labutin (Product Manager), N. Khaikina, G. Kharitonova, Ye. Dedyulya, with the participation of D. Deryabin; engineers: I. Shvartsman, Yu. Braslavsky, V. Shats, S. Tirkeltaub, O. Aksyonova, A. Rysakova, V. Sergeev, A. Krylov, I. Radin, Ye. Kiryukhantsev.

Designer: Sergei Kisselev and Partners Architectural Studio

1st prizes went to:

-         the multi-purpose business complex with the OAO Bank Saint-Petersburg headquarters

Designer: Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners, SPEECH Tchoban/Kuznetsov (the SPiCH Architectural Studio) - for the best architectural concept of a new building.

-         the shopping and amusement centre as part of the central core of the Moscow-City International Business Centre

Designer: The Posokhin Mosproject No. 2, workshop No. 6 - for the best architectural concept of a new building.

- The Skyscraper in Mosfilmovskaya multi-purpose residential complex.

Designer:  the Sergei Skuratov Architects - for the best architectural concept of a new building.

-         a Golf-club

Designer: the Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Workshop - for the most innovative and energy-efficient solution.

2nd prizes were made to:

-         the OAO Aeroflot Russian Airlines office complex

Designer: TPO Reserve - for the best architectural concept of a new building. 

-         the Linkor business centre

Designer:  Studio 44 - for the best reconstruction project. 

-         the Copper House residential complex

Designer: the Sergei Skuratov Architects - for the best architectural project in the historical centre.

-         the Boomerang multiplex cinema as part of Varshavsky shopping and amusement centre

Designer: Severin Project - for the best design of the interior and structural elements.  

3rd prizes were presented to:

-         the Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal D

Designer: the Dmitry Pshenichnikov and Partners Architectural Studio - for the best architectural concept of a new building.

-         the Pushkin Gallery, Zheleznovodsk

Designer: FGUP Spetsproektrestavratsia - for the best reconstruction project.

-         the Langenzipen office building

Designer: Nps tchoban voss, Berlin + SPEECH Tchoban/Kuznetsov, Moscow - for the best architectural project in the historical centre.

-         Ford Centre Izmaylovo as part of the Izmaylovo autocentres

Designer:  Profit-2002 - for the best architectural concept of a new building.

The General partner of Mir Stekla'2011 the AGC company made its special award for the Best Architectural Project with the AGC Glass to the Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners Architectural Studio and the SPEECH Tchoban/Kuznetsov Architectural Studio for the multi-purpose business complex with the Bank Saint-Petersburg headquarters.

The Union of Glass Manufacturers presented its Inspiration. Novelty. Expression. Awardsto:

-         the OAO Aeroflot Russian Airlines office complex

TPO Reserve

-         the Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal D

the Dmitry Pshenichnikov and Partners Architectural Studio

-         the Hermitage Plaza business centre

Sergei Kisselev and Partners

The AGC Company presented all the participants in the competition with the unique book - Glass in Architecture.

During the exhibition the Forum pavilion was showcasing all the entries to the contest.

Mir Stekla'2011 has doubtless encouraged the promotion of advanced equipment and technology to the Russian market. It has helped to revive the traditions of the Russian glass manufacturing and contributed to the upgrade of the domestic glass industry.

The 14th Mir Stekla International Exhibition will be held on 13 - 16 June 2012 at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

Expocentre Press Service