Jan Robertson, Business Development Manager of the Parkinson-Spencer Refractories, Ltd. British company:
We are satisfied with the quality of the exhibition target group. Visitors who came to our booth to negotiate were generally top-managers of their companies able to make a decision.

Zarina Altynbaeva, Manager on Foreign Economic Activity of the RITSTEKLO Ltd. company:
We have been participating in the Mir Stekla exhibition since 2003. This year everything has passed excellent, without slips. All our companies-partners participated in the Exhibition. They demonstrated their equipment for the glass production, annealing and tempering; glass packaging; silk-screen and hot foil embossing decoration. We carried on all planned business meetings and negotiations. There were many visitors at the Exhibition itself. I suppose the participation in similar shows is necessary to develop companies and improve relations between partners and clients.

Lyudmila Bayazitova, Acting Chief of the Salavatsteklo company Marketing Department:
The effectiveness is very high. During the Exhibition we conducted active business negotiations with our partners and new potential clients as well. At that, there were no practically casual visitors. It confirms high professionalism of the Show organizers enabled to assure a visit of many specialists who had come to the exhibition with specific business demands and proposals. At the Show participants were offered different services including on-line MatchMaking System to make appointments preliminary. It helped us greatly to plan necessary meetings and negotiations in advance.

Oxana Frolova, Business Manager of Spetsmash Ltd.:
This exhibition enables us to carry on a direct dialogue with our customers. It is a golden opportunity to show new models of machines for glass enterprises and demonstrate their advantages. We have a large volume of orders after every such exhibition. Moreover, due to intercourses with our customers at the show we find new solutions for ourselves and apply them to develop new models.

Andrei Stolny, Director, Guardian Steklo Ryazan Plant:
 The exhibition is just great! And our key objective for it is to announce the opening of a second Guardian Plant in Russia.